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Modern White-and-Grey Project with Floating Vanities (2 Bathrooms)


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Overall wasn't impressed, a lot of problems happened, if he wasn't on top of things then it would have caused even more problems. For example, the shower was a rainshower but the level of the rain shower was not high enough for someone to stand under it, instead of removing the tiles & fixing them, they offered to change the shape of the fixtures instead. Another example is one of the subs ran out of tile in one bathroom - he came back a few days later and installed the 1 tile that was missing but it was a different colour. David said it's all the tile shop had & there wasn't anything that could be done about it, the customer went down to the tile shop & bought the exact same tile. The workmanship was shady, whenever he asked David a question it felt like David was like 'why are you bothering me' type of thing.

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Review by Quality Inspector

While there were certainly some hurdles on this project, the final product was beautiful and functioned as expected. There were some points of communication that could have been improved and the timeline dragged on longer than expected, but the project was considerably smooth. David covered the floors with ramboard and installed dust screens to try and keep the site clean but could have removed garbage from the site more regularly.

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